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The Boston Bombing: The Terrorists Won

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“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”  —William Shakespeare

It’s been two weeks since the Boston bombing. I’ve never heard so much bullshit in my life. Or more accurately, I’ve never heard so much pontificating crap regarding such a minor event. My God, one would think another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 happened from all the calls from on high for vengeance and change. Perspective people, two disaffected losers set off some bombs. Something that has happened multiple times in US history. Then, sanity prevailed, and life went on while the authorities did their job and hunted down the perpetrators. Except this time, it’s the crime of the century, and both the immediate response and the aftermath have been wildly out of proportion. The Mayor of New York has even suggested changing the Constitution, or at least our interpretation of it, in response to this. Good job freakazoids, now our real enemies know how to spook us; a few backpack bombs and we will run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

In other words, we’ve so obsessed on preventing another 9/11 that our response to this bombing was wildly out of proportion. 9,000 troops deployed to hunt down a teenager? A whole city placed under unconstitutional martial law? American citizens treated like an occupied country? Because of one wounded teenager? This was insane. You’d have thought Chuck Norris was loose with a neutron bomb for God’s sake. And the thing that really shows how absurd this all was,  the bomber wasn’t caught until after people were let out of their homes and a citizen spotted him. The whole goddamn shutdown of the city, and the massive cost that entailed, was completely utterly unnecessary. And yet people cheer, so caught up in the Hollywood style dark comedy that the War on Terror has become.

I have bad news people. We can’t prevent all terrorist attacks, assuming this is even terrorism, which is a stretch at this point. Welcome to reality. I mean, after 9/11 we spent trillions of dollars on foreign wars and creating the greatest expansion of federal government ever, so called Homeland Security. And we passed vast and sweeping laws allowing government unprecedented powers to snoop in the name of security. And with all this staggering expense, an expense that rivals our spending in World War Two, we still got “attacked.” And the knee-jerk response from government and pundits is “We need more security!” No, we need more sanity. We should analyze the risks facing America like adults, and not be panicked into doubling down on a strategy that not only has failed, a strategy that is making terrorism more likely, not less.

It’s already clear that it aint going to happen, self-reflection and debate is no longer part of the American character. Americans are living in a Dickian Hollywood movie now, a scary world where imaginary Hitlers infest every corner of the globe and must be fought with ever more blood and sacrifice. The Republic has failed.

(The above image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It’s not being used for profit and it is central to illustrating the post. Tomorrow, ten specific ways our response to Boston was exactly what our enemies wanted.)

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May 1, 2013 at 9:28 am

An open letter to FEMEN

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Westerners who are “concerned” about the status of women in the third world are often unwittingly agents of colonialism and cultural imperialism. It’s rare (to non-existent) that the western media presents what the people we are so concerned about helping actually think. Such as items like the above that I have helpfully reblogged.   —Doug

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April 9, 2013 at 5:47 am

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Gaza Madness

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I want to write a post about the current situation in Gaza about as much as I want a root canal. Sigh. That means I must write one. It’s both a painful and a touchy subject personally. Worse, much much worse, globally this could easily lead to a wider war. It’s not like everything is hunky dory in the Middle East right now, this is going to inflame hatred further throughout the region. That’s never a good thing.

So, what’s going on? Well, it’s pretty simple. There’s been a lot of cross border incidents in the past year, including rocket attacks by various factions in Gaza. Israel assassinated a Hamas leader, Ahmed Jabari, on November 14th. Some rockets were fired out of Gaza in retaliation. And Israel escalated into launching large scale attacks and is threatening a ground invasion. In other words, Netanyahu chose to start and escalate this now, it’s not debatable. In fact the Hamas leader that was killed was in the process of trying to negotiate a permanent cease fire with Israel. Good thing they blew him away, eh? That’ll teach those Palestinians to try and work out a lasting peace with Israel. And of course England and the USA have fallen all over themselves supporting Israel. Western press coverage is simperingly pro-Israel. A blog dedicated to that is in the works.

Background: Israel has the military advantage by orders of magnitude. Israel wields one of the world’s greatest militaries. Gaza isn’t even on the charts. This is not a contest between equals, or anything even remotely close to it. Gaza is legally Israeli occupied territory. Israel captured it from Egypt in 1967. They pulled their troops out a few years ago, and imposed a crushing blockade on the territory. Hamas is the effective government of Gaza, though there are militants not under their control. Israel refuses to negotiate with Hamas. The blockade has eased since the Egyptian revolution, Egypt has relaxed the blockade along their border with Gaza.

Why did Netanyahu attack? Damned if I know. He’s certainly a bellicose fellow. Some speculate he is doing it to get votes in an upcoming election. There’s speculation that he is trying to scuttle negotiations with Iran. There have been many rockets fired from Gaza in the past year by various factions, but no one in Israel has been killed. The timing of Netanyahu’s attack is very suspicious. If Netanyahu thinks waging war on Gaza will stop rocket attacks, why didn’t it work last time? Why launch the attack when Hamas wanted to talk permanent cease fire?

As of my writing this, Netanyahu is launching more attacks. I think it’s crazy. Weakening Hamas will just strengthen more radical Palestinian factions. And since this will likely strengthen Hamas, wtf? The attack gives hard liners in Egypt more traction, not to mention in Syria. The attack is also triggering anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiment throughout the world, I don’t see how that is in Israel’s interests. And somehow I doubt Obama appreciates another layer of added complication to the Middle East situation. Lastly, the US’s enemies around the globe will be looking at this to see if they can exploit it in any way. Yeah, the USA needed that.

In other words, Netanyahu is risking terrible regional or even global consequences in order to strengthen his hand in elections. That strikes me as criminally insane. Yet some Americans are cheering him on. That’s just ordinary insane. There are Palestinians and Israelis working for peace, the Netanyahu government isn’t among them, and in fact is doing its best to perpetuate the violence.

The bottom line, the one so many in the west refuse to understand, is that Israel has held all the cards since 1967. (Since 1948 actually.) Yet instead of annexing the occupied territories, or letting them declare independence, Israel has kept them in stateless limbo for decades while slowly stealing their land bit by bit. Not to mention constantly and routinely using military force in the occupied territories, both a  threat and an actuality that dwarfs the threat of Hamas rockets in Israel. Israel reaps what it sows, and it has been sowing war for decades.

My heart goes out to all the innocent people in the region, they as always are the victims. God help us all if this war spreads.

(The above image was taken from a Gazan web site, it claims to show some of the current violence. I’m claiming it as Fair Use, and since I am critical of Netanyahu’s current attack, hopefully the copyright holder wouldn’t object. And if it turns out the picture isn’t what it claims, well, the blarney is flowing thick and fast from almost every faction in this ugly mess. Just turn on the mainstream news or look at Wikipedia.)

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November 16, 2012 at 7:32 am

Is it World War Three yet?

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Yes, yes it is. See, question answered at beginning of post, people who are in a  hurry can move right along now. What, the gentle reader wants details? OK, I guess I have to actually write the rest of the post. We’ll start with what I don’t mean. Usually when someone talks about World War Three they are talking about a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR, basically a continuation of World War One and Two. Since the Soviet Union is no more, and World War Two is fading rapidly into history, technically World War Three is no longer possible. However, the term has so insinuated itself into the culture that the next major global war involving the industrial powers will likely be called World War Three. Some people decided after 9/11 that there was now a “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the west,  even going so far as to call it a World War. I could write a whole post on what a load of propaganda and malarkey that idea is, suffice it to say that’s not what I mean by World War Three either.

What I mean is what I have been saying for at least 20 years, World War Three is going to be the First World against the Third World. Granted in a  certain sense that is what has been going on since the beginning of the European colonial era, but I think we’ve reached a point where the majority of the warfare on the planet is more or less the West, IE the first world, trying to impose its will on the third world. Basically to maintain the fiction that the governments and even the borders in the third world are legitimate. The ugly truth is that most of the third world’s borders were drawn up by the European powers for their own benefit, and most of the third world’s governments are willing partners in the exploitation of their nation’s resources for the benefit of their ruling elite only.

One excellent indication of this is how the UN has morphed into an organization that is now concerning itself with the “legitimacy” of nation’s governments, rather that acting as an agent to mediate conflicts between nations. This both gives a green light to colonial wars, it reinforces the fiction that the various countries in the Third World are actual legitimate nation states. And of course the western corporate controlled media plays right along with this, and regularly regurgitates the UN’s stance on whether or not a government is “legitimate.” Somalia is an excellent example, they always talk about the Somalian “government” as if it is some legitimate Somalian entity, instead of an ad hoc collection of exiles only kept in power by foreign troops. It’s about as legitimate as the US government would have been had England defeated the revolutionaries and installed a government. The other indication is to look at the so-called pariah nations, like Cuba, North Korea, Iran, etc. They are roundly and endlessly demonized in the western press, not to mention being endlessly persecuted via sanctions and embargoes, the US leading the way; but all they have in common is a refusal to let the IMF and the west dictate how they run their economies.  This was Qaddafi and Milosevic’s crime, though of course in all cases the west uses the rubric of “democracy” and “human rights” to cover up its crimes. And of course with the blessing of the UN, the new version of the Vatican bestowing its blessings on crusades.

Then there’s the USA’s global military empire. And I mean that quite literally, the USA has divided the world up into military commands, with a space command and a cyber command to boot. With hundreds of overseas bases as well, this isn’t some exercise on paper. No nation in history has ever had a world-wide military deployment like the USA. And it’s not just deployed, the USA is actively waging war in numerous countries. And the vast majority of the people we are fighting pose zero threat to the USA, in fact most of them are fighting for self-determination against a UN approved government. Granted I’m not saying that every insurgency or independent government on the planet is some force for good, far from it, they are all over the map when it comes to how justified their actions are. By the same token though, the propaganda fantasy that the US is fighting some vast evil “terrorist” network (They’re aligned with Al-Qaeda, so we can do whatever we want!) is equally silly.

My point is that the standard view most people have of the world, the view reinforced by the western media and education system, is a fiction. What’s really going on is far uglier. Granted this is the point I’ve tried to make in every other blog post, but I keep coming at it from different directions. It helps clarify my thinking, and if I’ve made some egregious leap of logic, usually some gentle reader sets me straight. On the plus side, like all empires that have vanquished all their foes, the USA is the most byzantine, corrupt, inefficient, bloated, and wasteful empire in the history of the world. I suspect it’s reached its high water mark. Time will tell.

(The above image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It’s not being used for profit. I got it off of some random web page that didn’t attribute it. Always glad to add a link doing so if so requested.)

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October 16, 2012 at 6:38 am

Romney Crushes Obama in Debate, Obama Flees Podium in Shame as the Crowd Screams: “Death Panels, Death Panels, Death Panels!” Next on Fox News, Iran’s Secret Plan the Rule the World.

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OK, I listened to most of the debate. Sadly, it wasn’t all that interesting. A few good points that I’m sure the pundits will cover at great length. Romney wants to balance the budget by cutting PBS. Neil degrasse Tyson covered that nicely: “Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive.” Romney also regurgitated the Death Panels fallacy. No, Obamacare does not have death panels. And we already have death panels, they work for the insurance giants. All sorts of stuff and nonsense about the budget and the economy, which basically boiled down to a debate on how to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Both Romney and Obama made points that their supporters will claim as great victories, oblivious to the fact that Romney and Obama are appealing to a different demographic. Truth be told though, Romney came across just fine, so no knock-out blows were delivered.

Fox News was covering a car chase the other day, and they accidentally broadcast live a man’s suicide by gun. Then they apologized profusely for it. This really pissed me off. `What, we’re fucking children that the news has to cover its eyes when something bad happens? To censor anything gritty and real out of the news is to infantalize the viewing population. Sometimes I think that’s the whole point, children are far more easily swayed by advertising … or propaganda.

It’s been discovered that climate change may shrink fish. So close and yet so far. If scientists could only show it will shrink something else, the world’s leaders will fall all over themselves addressing the issue.

The idea that our armies operating in foreign lands are some sort of crusading force for good is straight out of the Middle Ages, 1095 to be precise. Jesus wept.

I’ve been very busy with work. I will be back to my regular posting schedule soon. Lots of stuff is happening in the world, and as always I have opinions about it all. I think World War Three has already started. A post on that is coming soon. Since the US hasn’t won a war since World War Two the prognosis is not good. A post on that is in the works. And other stuff and nonsense.

Yes, this is a  brief extemporaneous post.






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October 3, 2012 at 9:57 pm

Onward Through the Fog, Exercise Tiger

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In my last post about the battle of Kiska, I discussed a battle that was fought even though the enemy side didn’t show up. Nonetheless hundreds of casualties were incurred by friendly fire before the “fighting” was over. I should also have added that in modern warfare, IE since gunpowder, about ten percent of wartime casualties are caused by friendly fire. While some incidents are harder to understand than others, it’s easy enough to understand that when one has millions of people firing deadly long range weapons at each other, mistakes will be made. General Grant’s right hand man, Stonewall Jackson, was killed by friendly fire. And equipment malfunctions. The Tang, America’s number one submarine ace of World War Two … was sunk by their own torpedo that swerved back and hit them. In fact if Kiska had been defended by the Japanese, there likely would have been more deaths by friendly fire, since there would have been a lot more fire, period.

In any event, while there are other battles in history that have been fought even though one side didn’t show up, I thought it would be interesting to write about a battle that was fought when the enemy made an unscheduled appearance. I am talking about Exercise Tiger, another American embarrassment in World War Two. Well, maybe not embarrassment, more like “let’s not mention this happened, OK?” This occurred while the allies, especially the Americans, were preparing for the D-Day landings. Eisenhower decided the American troops needed to practice the invasion under realistic conditions, and Exercise Tiger was born. Basically, an area of coastline with a good beach was evacuated (about 3,000 locals were moved,) and American troops would practice landing on it under realistic conditions. There would be a bombardment of the coast beforehand, and the bombardment would continue inland from the beach even after the troops hand landed. This way the troops would have some exposure to real gunfire in their proximity. More than 30,000 troops were involved, this was a big deal.

The exercise started on the morning of 27 April 1944. The shelling of the beach was to end half an hour before the troops waded ashore, giving officers on the shore half an hour to make sure no live rounds were laying around the beach. The shelling was delayed by an hour though. Some of the landing craft didn’t get the message … so numerous landing craft put ashore half an hour before the bombardment was finished. Oops. It was ugly, to say the least. Several hundred troops were killed, and many more wounded. Not an auspicious start to what was simply supposed to be a training exercise.

The next day, things got worse. A convoy of American LSTs (a large ship for landing troops and tanks on a  beach) sailed out to practise landing the follow-up force to the landings of the day before. They had two British warships escorting them, however one of the warships developed mechanical problems and had to return to base. Unfortunately the Americans and British were using different radio frequencies, so the Americans weren’t informed about this. And  since no one expected to be attacked, the ships were travelling in a big line. Think ducks in a row.  Then the British escort ship received a message stating that German ships had been sighted in the area the previous night. The British assumed the Americans had also been informed of this.   They hadn’t. So when nine warships appeared on the horizon, the Americans thought they were part of the exercise. And in a  way, they were, just not a scheduled part of it. The nine warships were in fact German E-boats, or torpedo boats as they are called in America. They had no trouble telling friend from foe, and swooped in to attack the more or less defenceless American LSTs.

This is where it got really ugly. Two LSTs sank, one was severely damaged. A fourth was damaged by friendly fire. The remaining American ships and the British escort returned fire and the Germans fled, but the damage had been done. More than 600 Americans drowned. Later it turned out that many had drowned because in their haste they had donned their life vests wrong, so when they jumped in the water their vests flipped them upside down … head underwater. The survivors were sworn to secrecy, partly because the news would hurt morale and partly because they didn’t want to give the Germans intelligence and propaganda fodder. It’s been claimed by some that they were sworn to secrecy for life, but that isn’t the case. They were sworn to secrecy until the end of the war. And in fact the Allies announced the catastrophe quietly, both during and after the war, but it was overshadowed by greater events and more or less forgotten for decades.

Fortunately this story has a silver lining. Yes, the troops got some training under extremely realistic conditions. More importantly, major deficiencies in training and planning for D-Day were revealed. Three major changes were made. The British and Americans started using the same radio frequencies. A force of small rescue boats was added to D-Day invasion plans for rescuing troops in the water if their ships were sunk. And of course troops all got much better training on how to don and use their life vests. So no doubt these deaths saved many lives on D-Day, they didn’t die in vain.

God rest their souls.

(The above image is LST-289, hit and set afire by E-boats, it still made it back to port. Since the eighties efforts to memorialize these forgotten casualties have been underway, here’s a few links: The Slapton Sands Memorial Tank website. Yes, a Sherman Tank that sank in the disaster has been hauled out onto the beach and used a a memorial. The Slapton village memorial site. And of course the official US memorial site.)

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September 10, 2012 at 7:44 am

World’s Fastest Blog Post

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Well, I have about a hour to crank out a post. Apologies in advance. I have a couple of partially written posts but none of them inspired me. Not a whole lot inspires me lately, either the world is going to hell in a hand basket, or I am coming down with some sort of terrible disease the main symptom of which is deep dark cynicism permeating everything. Maybe both. However, might as well keep writing, it’s what I do. I’m also happy to write custom blog posts for a price. Or accept donations. Hint hint. Clicking on my name below the introduction above leads to a page with my contact information.

Moving right along. Pussy Riot. Yeah, I have a post about that fiasco in the works. Julian Assange for sure, that’s gotten interesting. A foreigner who is afraid that he might not get a fair trial in the USA, yes, that’s what modern America has come to. Frankly, anyone who thinks he would get  a fair trial in the USA isn’t using the word “think” the way it’s normally understood. In fact he likely wouldn’t even get a trial, he’d just disappear into the American gulag. Granted it’s not as extensive as the former Soviet gulag, but it’s just as ugly. Obligatory comment about the founding fathers spinning in their graves.

See, 200 words already, this is going to be easy. In breaking news, an American congressman is in hot water for skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee while on a fact-finding trip to Israel. I wish,  really really wish I was making this up. Nope, this is the sort of nonsense that passes for news in the USA today. I guess his naked junk touching the water Jesus walked on is offensive to some. Offensive to the same people that claim Muslims are all crazy. Go figure.

In another imbroglio, a Congressman running for  election to the US Senate said that he sees no reason to allow abortion in the case of rape, becasue women rarely get impregnated when they are “legitimately” raped. This, this is why my brain has to be kept heavily sedated these days. At least Romney and company criticized and disavowed his remarks. Still, it’s shocking that a sitting congressman could be so frighteningly ignorant, not to mention insensitive. And the kicker, brace yourself: Mr Akins is on the House Committee for Science, Technology, and Space. Be afraid, be very afraid.

In real science news, the Curiosity rover has fired up its laser and zapped its first rock! Yes, we have sent a probe to Mars at fabulous expense so it can fire lasers at rocks, is that exciting or what? No word yet on whether the Martians, helpfully illustrated above, fired back. (Thank you Leslie for bringing that fine image to my attention.) Aside from the fun of saying “Pew pew pew” while shooting a rock with a laser, this is indeed real science. The vapour made by the laser can be analyzed to determine exactly what elements the rock is made of. This was just a practise rock, but soon enough Curiosity will roll on to real interesting rocks.

I’m toying with making a web site about the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, and related items. A web site where I explain the basic logical reasons why each of these is, well, silly. And hopefully without the smarter-than-all-the-kooks attitude that most skeptical websites sport like a badge of honour. Basically a site where people who are genuinely interested but uninformed can find out the basics about such stuff. And so that people who want to debate such things with their more credulous friends can equip themselves with basic, reasonable arguments about same. Good idea, bad idea, stupid idea?

Speaking of weirdness, this video shows some strange finned creature swimming off Skegness Beach in the UK. No, it’s not a hoax, this is real. It’s not however a real mystery, biologists think it’s either a Basking shark or possibly an Orca. The people who make a living promoting the weird of course have their interpretations. I think I’ll go with the biologists on this one. To be honest though, it seems entirely possible that there are still large unknown sea creatures waiting to be discovered, especially since a few have been discovered the past few decades. The Megamouth Shark for example.

Woohoo! I’m gonna make 800 words! Or close enough. Now I can go to the bank which was mysteriously closed by a “plumbing emergency” on Saturday. I don’t want to know. It’s been a weekend for emergencies in my neighbourhood. Sunday I was awakened by the sound of a multiple car crash on my corner. Turns out it wasn’t multiple cars, just two. The first crash was two cars impacting each other. The second crash was one of the cars wrapping itself around a signal/light pole. The third crash I head was the light pole falling onto the car that cashed into it. Fortunately these were new cars so several hundred air bags deployed and protected everyone within a block from serious injury. Even more fortunately the light pole prevented the car in question from crashing into Bill’s Deli on the corner. That would have been tragic.

(The above image has been all over the Internet for years so I suspect it’s effectively public domain. I’m claiming it as Fair Use under US copyright law just the same, yadda yadda yadda.)

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August 20, 2012 at 9:47 am

Through Thick and Thin: Survival of the Fittest

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One of the things I  thought was interesting about last week’s shooting near my home is that as far as I know, I am the only one to take cover, at least of people in my building. Most people didn’t even realize it was gunfire. My next door neighbour was out on the deck looking around while I was still laying on my floor waiting to make sure it was over. I wasn’t being overly careful, I knew it was wild shooting close by, and a single stray bullet can be a life changing experience. More than one person has died in some random shooting because they didn’t take cover when they could have. Better to take cover when one hears what might be gunfire and look a fool rather than stand there and look, well, shot.

In the shooting above, this woman got behind a metal statue and stayed there for over an hour. In the hot sun. Yes, she looks damn uncomfortable. She walked away though, I don’t know about the fellow laying in the background. I hope he’s taking cover too. This was the 1966 Texas Tower shooting, 16 killed outright, 32 others shot. One of the victims died 30 years after being shot. The last person shot was a guy who was in a hurry to get home. His truck was parked on the other side of the street. He was over 400 yards from the tower, what the hell, he would be running, what were the chances the shooter would get him? We don’t know what his last thought was as he bled out onto the road, but it was likely something along the lines of “That was the stupidest thing I ever did in my life.”

Moving right along, no news about the shooting in Bekeley last week.  A $17,000 reward has been offered. The rumour is definitely that a women is involved, it’s some stupid personal thing. Stupid is the word for it.  It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he’s got and all he’s ever gonna have.” In future stupidity, there is a report out that Israel is going to attack Iran this spring. I’ve blogged about this before, the whole thing would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so deadly serious. I can’t believe the Israeli government really thinks Iran is a threat, but I dunno, they seem to have painted themselves into a  corner where they can’t relate to anything except as a threat. A road the USA has gone down too far itself.

Problems continue in Egypt and Syria. That kind of says it all. I have a friend in Egypt so I’ve sort of kept up on it. What a mess, and now this soccer deaths thing. Basically the religious parties did well in the recent election because they were organized and focused and had established organizations. The secular groups weren’t as well organized and didn’t do so well. And the USA continues to meddle, to the benefit of no one, the USA included. Of course the US media coverage of all this including the Iranian mess is laughable, even the liberal take on it is pretty ugly. The mainstream left is now just another war apologist party, and many (most?) mainstream progressives buy right into it and approve of the USA’s bombings and wars, it’s weird and creepy.

A space exploration post coming up soon. More on cult beliefs. Alien abductions, one of the more bizarre aspects of human behaviour. A tank battle where one tank blew up dozens of tanks, fun to be had there. I might finish the Athenian thing some day, but there hasn’t been a ground swell of interest. I’m going to try and keep up the five days a week thing, four dedicated posts and one catch all post like this. Lastly, I’m running a contest on the blog. Winner gets a free blog post on a topic of their choice, within reason. Or a free beer or two if they are ever in town. It’s pretty simple, maybe too simple. The first person to figure out the winning word and post it in a comment below wins. A clue: This is not a word play riddle, you won’t find the winning word in this paragraph nor be able to parse this paragraph in some clever way to  divine the word.

Have a great weekend everyone!

(The above image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It’s not being used for profit and is arguably an historically important image. Credit and copyright: Bettmann/Corbis. I believe the woman in the photo is still unidentified. That happens in old photos. Yet anther potential blog post. It seems like every time I write a post these days, I think of at least two other posts I want to make. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.)

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February 4, 2012 at 6:15 am

The View From Iran

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OK, thought I’d get one last post in about Iran before the shooting war starts. Sigh. I know I’ve posted about this before, but the USA has really been upping the ante lately, and I can’t help but wonder if this time it really is the prelude to war. I’ll likely be repeating stuff I’ve said many times before, but once more with feeling.

The first and most depressing thing about this is that most Americans think Iran is a country run by evil crazy mullahs who are out to destroy the USA and Israel. They couldn’t find Iran on a map, couldn’t list even ten facts about Iran like it’s capital or president, know nothing about Iranian history other than the US embassy hostage crisis (US version only of course,) have never spoken to an Iranian in their life … yet consider themselves experts on Iran and its intentions and foreign policy. Yes, most Americans live in a Faux News comic book world.

Sigh. I doubt too many Faux News readers read my blog, so moving right along. The USA has really been ratcheting up the pressure on Iran lately, using for all practical purposes the same playbook they used to justify the invasion of Iraq. A combination of completely unsubstantiated charges about what Iran is doing and their intentions, combined with ultimatums that are tantamount to Iran giving up its status as a sovereign nation. And the way it works is simple, if Iran does accede to a demand, the USA just raises the bar. Iran did in fact back around 2000 agree to additional inspections of its nuclear facilities above and beyond what the NPT required. And what did it get for this? Nothing, the USA didn’t skip a beat and kept making demands.

So even if Iran did give up its nuclear program, thus crippling (for starters) its medical services, and killing many Iranian in the process, what would they get for it? Nothing, the USA would simply come up with some new threat the Iranians were posing and come up with new demands. And the western media just plays along with this and regurgitates Washington’s talking points. And it’s gotten worse since the run up to war with Iraq, at least then there was a semblance of public debate over the possible war, now, nothing but sheep listening to propaganda apparently. I know, it’s an election year and all, but dear God, our government is trying to start a  war and no one cares?

And if it’s not bad enough that Obama seems hell bent on stirring up trouble with Iran, the Iranians are rising to the bait. They have threatened to close the strait of Hormuz if the sanctions the USA are talking about are implemented against it. And when Iran makes a threat, the USA media dutifully hysterically reports it without any mention of the US threats the Iranians are responding to. I don’t know if the Iranians have just decided to stick to their guns, they aren’t actually doing anything wrong; or worse, they have had some very strong private assurances that Russia will stand by them.

It takes two fools to have fight in other words. I don’t really know what’s motivating the Iranians aside from national survival, but in some ways I’m even more baffled by the Obama administration. Why is the USA so hell bent on goading the Iranians into giving us a casus beli? I mean, God only knows the USA doesn’t  need much. Is Obama really trying to start a war with Iran?

Sure looks like it from my perspective. I can only speculate why. Today’s theory is that Iran is the most visible threat to the petrodollar. The American dollar is only worth something because it’s the world currency required to buy oil. Iran has made noise for along time about selling its oil for something other than dollars. Would the USA really go to war with a country to protect the petrodollar? The last (and only) two countries to start selling oil for other than dollars were Iraq and Libya. I rest my case.

Yes, there appears to be an excellent chance for a war with Iran soon. I mean, another Iranian scientist was just blown up. The USA and Israel are the obvious suspects. Imagine how Americans would react if some foreign entity was assassinating US scientists in America. Many Americans would go ape shit. Guess what, many Iranians will react the same. This isn’t going to end well.

The last points I want to make are that Iran is a nation of people, not monsters. Pretty much the same as people anywhere. And that war with them would be a really bad idea. All wars have unintended consequences. Sadly, risky wars are a hallmark of desperate regimes, and when it comes right down to it, the post World War Two American hegemony of the world is on the ropes, so all bets are off.

(The above image is public domain to the best of my knowledge. Because of my weird computer issues, I can’t preview or look at pages. If there is something wrong with how this page displays, please mention in  a comment.)

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Evil in Norway: He is one of us.

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As anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows, a Norwegian man set off a powerful bomb in Norway’s capital, and then shot dozens of people to death at a resort/political camp. It’s Norway’s worst mass death since World War Two, I can’t imagine what friends and families of the victims must be experiencing. Though I imagine it’s pretty similar to what the friends and families of people killed by Norwegian jet bombers in Libya feel. Am I trivializing the deaths in Norway or claiming they were justified somehow? Of course not, violence is almost never justified, as the tragedy unfolding in Norway clearly shows. The killer claims he will be able to justify his actions in open court, I think it’s safe to say his answers will satisfy few, if any, people.

So what’s my point? My point is that this is going to be portrayed as the work of a lone madman, with little or no context. “Of course” Norway is a peaceful country, so “of course” this sort of thing shouldn’t happen there. On the one hand, yes, this was the work of a lone nut, and a single crime shouldn’t be the basis of any sort of national policy, nor be seen as evidence in any sort of general theory. However, nothing happens in a vacuum, this guy was a member of Norwegian society, so at least in some fashion his crime is the product of the influences in his life.

And here’s where we come to a problem. The “peaceful” nature of Noway, surely they are one of the world’s most peaceful nations? Well, on the level that the average Norwegian lives in a healthy peaceful stable society, yes, they are. On the level of the government of Norway, they are as peaceful as Switzerland. Which is to say, they are intertwined like Siamese twins with the arms industry and the oil industry, and have hands so bloody that everyone in Norway should feel shame.

Yeah yeah, the military industrial complex. It’s deeper than that. Western, and by that I mean Christian, civilization is steeped in violent ideology, imagery, and action. What’s the most common religious symbol in the west? A dead guy, a guy who was tortured to death, for political reasons, nailed to a cross. Yeah, the Prince of Peace, right. How about western culture? Well, from Rambo on, it’s been downhill. It would be real hard to argue that Hollywood promotes peaceful solutions and negotiation. The opposite in fact, from World War Two on, if not earlier, Hollywood has carried the torch for the idea that the Americans (and by extension the west)  are the good guys, and any violence they mete out is justified.

And then there’s the just plain violence the west ever more routinely engages in.  NATO is crusading in Afghanistan and Libya now,  just for starters. Since World War Two western countries have constantly engaged in colonial wars. And even when the west wasn’t directly involved, where do all the weapons that flow like wine in the third world and the Middle East come from? The west. And who props up numerous brutal violent dictatorships in the third world and the Middle East?  The west. And where did our killer in Norway grow up and get all his violent ideas from? The west.

My point here is that western civilization is steeped in violence, founded on violence, glorifies violence, metes out violence around the globe … and yet when it is the victim of violence, most westerners don’t see or actively deny that the west is playing a huge role in creating a world where people see mass violence as a solution to their problems. The west very much lives by the sword, but when they die by the sword … no connection. Excuse me? I’m sorry, but this no doubt disturbed man got his ideology (and weapons) from the west. By routinely using and enabling violence to further its’ geopolitical goals, the west plays a key role in creating a violent world.

If any good is to come of this tragedy, people in the west have to look at how their own governments have led us into a world of violent retribution. I mean, the Norwegian killer’s actions were crazy, but how fucking nuts is it that Norwegian jets are bombing Libya? The only time violence is justified is when foreign armies invade your homeland, and it’s a pretty safe bet that no Libyan armies have marched into Norway.

My ultimate point is that the Norwegian killer is not some lone nut or aberrant individual, he is what we made him. He is one of us. Deal with it.

(The above image is arguably Public Domain under US copyright law, and it no doubt is an historically important image. Credit and copyright: Ronald L. Haeberle. It’s an image of the aftermath of the My Lai massacre. Under the right circumstances, people will do terrible things. The circumstances must always be examined, nothing happens in a vacuum.)

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