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The Bitter Kibbles of Despair

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Dry cat food quickly goes stale after it is removed from the bag and placed in the bowl. Cats and their owners have had to deal with this sad fact since the day the first cat deigned to eat out of a bowl in ancient Egypt. Stale cat food is of course edible, though mysteriously enough it does seem to vanish should I leave the house for awhile. However, when I am home, my orange cat requires fresh food hourly, sometimes more frequently. Fortunately merely the act of stirring the food in the bowl suffices to restore it to it’s previous non stale condition.

The severity of this situation is revealed when two cats are in need of fresh kibble. Fresh food is placed in one bowl. Senior cat chows down. Second bowl is filled. Second cat chows down. Senior cat gives me a look that would put me in a basket if looks could maim. Why? Because the food in the second bowl in now fresher than his by a whole five seconds! Even if I fill two bowls at once using both hands…I have three cats. I can’t win.


Written by unitedcats

June 18, 2006 at 8:59 pm

Posted in Cats

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