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Worse By The Hour

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End Times?

Israel has intensified its attacks on the sovereign nation of Lebanon. Hezbollah fires more rockets into Israel. Iran makes threats. Tourists flee. Bush defends the Israeli attacks. Stock markets slide as the price of oil hits new highs. Innocent civilians die by the dozens or the hundreds. War mongers and war profiteers on all sides froth with glee and self righteous indignation. Jesus weeps. Kinda puts the World Cup Controversy in perspective, eh?

While Israel had the right under international law to strike back at the Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, they did not have the right to launch a wholesale attack on the nation of Lebanon. And that unfortunately is what they have done, with no regard for the consequences. Israel’s attack probably won’t free the two unfortunate captured Israeli soldiers, but it may very well lead to wider war and more bloodshed. If that is Israel’s goal, they are succeeding admirably.

I don’t know who, if anyone, was behind the Hezbollah attack on Israel. It’s a damn shame, because Lebanon was one of the few bright spots in the Mideast mess. Now the anti-western forces in Lebanon and throughout the Mideast will be emboldened and strengthened by Israel’s indiscriminate use of violence. Forces that could easily bring down even more of our friends in the Muslim world. The emerging democracy in Lebanon for starters. And the overthrow of either Egypt’s Mubarak or Pakistan’s Musharraf could easily be as disastrous for the west as the Iranian revolution was. In a very real and predictable sense, Israel has chosen to strengthen its worst enemies by attacking Lebanon. Dear God, why?

I can only guess, best bet it is the same old thing. The militants controlling the USA and Israel are convinced that blitzkriegs and bombing campaigns can solve all problems. Would that they could, but the real world is not a Hollywood movie where you can just blow up all the bad guys. Aside from the fact that blowing people up makes you a bad guy, blowing up other people just creates more bad guys. I pray that it is just Israeli misjudgement about what can be accomplished with force, and not something more sinister as suggested by a comment. Or even some horrible Israeli plan to unleash the Samson option…the wholesale use of nuclear weapons to destroy Israel’s perceived enemies, and damn the consequences to the rest of the world. Please tell me that’s not what’s happening, please.

May cool heads prevail, may God or Allah or whoever lead us safely out of this unholy mess.

(Use of the above Mohamed Azakir / Reuters image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It is an historically important image, it is not being used for profit, and it is central to illustrating the subject of this post.)


Written by unitedcats

July 13, 2006 at 8:59 pm

Posted in Bush, Iran, Terrorism, War

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