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Ethiopia’s World Class Hipocrisy, Mud Volcanos, and Flying Dolphin Rant

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Onward Christian Soldiers?

Listen to this, the African Union has backed Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia saying:

“Ethiopia had the right to intervene militarily in Somalia as it felt threatened by the Islamic militia operating there.”

Since when is it OK to invade a neighbouring country because your nation “felt threatened?” Oh, wait, this is George Bush’s idea, so called “preventative war.” I mean if it was OK that the world’s only (and greatest ever) superpower invaded a tiny country on the opposite side of the globe because of WMD suspicions, by the same standards any invasion is justified . There were plenty of people, including me, who said that Bush’s policy of “preventative war” was setting a terrible example, once again I’m really sorry to see I was right. Not that we need to go back in history to blame this on Bush, there is every indication that the US is backing and encouraging Ethiopia in this madness.

For the record, Ethiopia has a population of more than 70 million, Somalia less than ten million. Ethiopia’s military budget is nearly one billion dollars annually, Somalia’s is maybe 2o million. So Ethiopia outnumbers Somalia by nearly ten to one, and spends more than forty times as much on their military. And the Ethiopians are saying with a straight face, Ethiopia is threatened by Somalia? At least the UN is meeting on the issue, how they respond should be very educational.

As for the Islamic Courts in Somalia being the “new Taliban,” how come no one is invading the other country run by the Taliban? Saudi Arabia. Read about the Saudi “moral police” here, then tell me they are any better than the Taliban. Also note that Ethiopia is a Christian country invading an Islamic country. If Islam is so prone to violence, as so many people now stridently claim, how come it’s almost always Christian (or dare I say it, Jewish) Nations invading Islamic nations? My point is not to demonize Christians and Jews, it’s that Muslims by no means have some sort of monopoly on violence.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
Matthew 7:3

In a related and illustrative story involving unlimited quantities of BS, literal instead of figurative in this case, the Indonesian Mud Volcano that I blogged about earlier is still flowing. It may be flowing for many years, so the authorities are simply going to rebuild the town most affected. All talk of fixing the problem has apparently been dropped, no surprise. It’s a lot easier to create a problem than fix one, something I wish the interventionists of the world would learn. The Ethiopian invasion of Somalia may very well create a blood volcano, God help the innocent Somalis.

In today’s other potential End Times news, a woman was seriously injured by a leaping dolphin. I’m really sorry for her and her family, and I pray she recovers. She was boating with dolphins and the dolphin apparently got confused and misjudged a leap or didn’t see her boat. While this is an extremely freak accident, nonetheless it illustrates an important point. God save Steve Irwin’s soul, but the man really reinforced the Walt Disney idea that animals are “toys.” Large wild animals are dangerous, unpredictable, and should be admired at a safe distance. Bad things frequently happen to people who forget this or worse, convince themselves that they have some sort of special ability to commune with animals.

End rant. I changed the blog template in order to make it more readable, I hope. I also updated and added to the “Favourite Sites” link a the top of the page. And I now have a Canadian spell checker installed, so my spelling will be consistent from now on. Um, if anyone notes grammatical errors, you’re reading Canadian grammar. Yes, that’s it. :P

(The above image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It is an historically important image, it is not being used for profit, and it is central to illustrating the post.)


Written by unitedcats

December 26, 2006 at 12:29 pm

5 Responses

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  1. Interesting take. However, you’re ignoring a few important details, like the Islamic Courts faction is NOT the legitimate government of Somalia. And I have yet to hear anyone say Islam has a monopoly on violence.

    Now, just because Somalia is a poor nation, does that mean it shouldn’t be the victim of war? Are we now to excuse behavior and support for terrorists who like to blow up women and children just because of economic standing? With that faulty logic, we need to empty America’s prisons and let all the poor people who murder and rape and kill back out on the streets. They can’t help it if they’re poor, after all, right?

    As for preventative war, it’s the smartest kind of war to wage. Has been since the dawn of time and people first came together for mutual defense. It’s not George Bush’s idea as you like to point out. Sensationalism makes for good reading, though, doesn’t it? Only a fool would stand in front of an oncoming car and decide to do something after it hit them instead of taking action before it did, wouldn’t you agree?

    I don’t like war, but I have fought in one, and advocate it over doing nothing. You wouldn’t be free to blog about it otherwise.

    Sean Wilson

    December 26, 2006 at 2:03 pm

  2. great post….. to disagree with Mr. Wilson for a second…. “legitimate government” is not a title, its a practice…. according to those standards, who has a “legitimate government” in somalia??

    secondly, because things have been done since the dawn of time (and they may have been a better idea back then) DOES NOT make them a good idea now.. for example… relieving your bowels when you want… some 120,000 years ago, when humanoids were traveling in small mobile groups, it wasn’t a problem…. you poo’d, you left, you conquered… now does that mean i should i poo in my living room? no…

    times have changed….


    December 26, 2006 at 3:52 pm

  3. Yes, the Islamic Courts are easily the most legitimate government Somalia has had in decades, the foreign created “provisional” government is nothing more than PC colonialism.

    If you actually have knowledge that an enemy is going to attack you, there is some legitimacy to the idea of preemptive war. Though good historical examples are damn hard to find. To attack a nation because you suspect they may attack you is simple aggression, especially in cases like this where the idea that Somalia was going to attack Ethiopia is ludicrous.

    No, I don’t advocate emptying the prisons. :) I agree with the Somalis not deserving a war, which of course is why I object to Ethiopia invading their country. And how Ethiopia invading Somalia is going to protect my freedom is a mystery to me. Somalia was going to attack the USA after they conquered Ethiopia?

    As always, thanks for the thoughtful comments. And for the record, Gee, if Ethiopia’s invasion results in a stable democratic government in Somalia, I’ll eat my words. JMO —Doug


    December 26, 2006 at 7:38 pm

  4. You’re pretty cool Doug


    December 28, 2006 at 11:36 am

  5. Just a short rebuttal here. No, just doing something because its always been done that way isn’t necessarily a good reason to do something. But only the foolhardy ignore thousands of years of historical evidence and experience that shows placating your avowed enemies seldom works. While times have indeed changed, radical Islam has not, nor have the goals of radical Islam. Here’s what one of the Islamic Courts faction’s leaders had to say:

    “Even if we are defeated we will start an insurgency,” said Sheik Ahmed Mohamed Islan, the head of the Islamic movement in the Kismayo region. “We will kill every Somali that supports the government and Ethiopians.”

    [Source: AP, via Yahoo. ]

    It ought to be obvious how attacking people like that is helping defend freedom loving people everywhere in the world, but in case it isn’t, I’ll explain. You see, in the above mentioned sheik’s mind, there is absolutely no room for any other interpretation of law, life, and societal structure but his. And he and all of his ilk will kill women and children indiscriminately to make sure there is no dissenting. Worse, they’ll do it on purpose. If the majority of Somalis supported the Islamic Courts, they wouldn’t be cheering their defeat and would be fighting against the Ethiopians and their fellow Somalis of the interim government in droves, but they aren’t.

    As to how could anyone see Somalia as a threat, especially Ethiopia? Not all threats need be a tank or a bomb. Such radical idealology as espoused by the Islamic Courts faction will fan violence and hatred and intolerance in neighboring countries just as it has done throughout the entire Middle East. If I had to choose between who I’d rather have in the world I live in–radical Islamists or the government sanctioned by the U.N. and the people of the rest of Somalia outside Moghadishu–I prefer the government that may not be the perfect one, but that tolerates other faiths, cultures, and democracy.

    And too, defeating radical Islam in the Horn of Africa region makes it safer for regional trade. It provides more security and stability for the entire region. If we defeat it. Which is why we need to aid Ethiopia and the interim government of Somalia. It also means that if radical Islamists are dying in Somalia, at least those who do are no longer able to recruit others to their idealology, they aren’t able to carry out acts of terror, and they aren’t able to traffik arms and drugs and fund the network of terrorism that threatens all freedom loving people.

    I’m all for peace. I’m all for non-violent solutions. But, when they won’t work, or the reality says you have no other option, then if war is what it takes, so be it. So many people act as if war is something the human race is too good for. We should never be so horrible, etc… I have news for you. We’re animals, and like all animals, we will fight to survive. What makes us different from other animals is our mind, self-awareness, and our opposable thumbs…and what we can do with those things.

    Nobility is fine and well. But so is life. And, I’d rather see people fighting to prevent those who would oppress my ability to live as I see fit (and have no tolerance for others) from spreading their diseased idealology than to sit by and do nothing because it seems cruel to fight. Now, I agree with you. I’ll be amazed if a stable government comes of all of this.

    But the option is what? Let a violent idealology spread unchecked and make more people of the world second-class citizens, keep more people living in the dark ages, and keep blowing up more women and children? As a compassionate person, that isn’t even an option for me. You don’t solve problems by running from them just because your stomach might turn at what needs to be done to solve it.

    That smacks of allowing evil to win, a la Edmund Burke’s warning against doing nothing:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Sean Wilson

    January 1, 2007 at 2:08 am

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