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Madness Continues, More Madness Planned, and French Space Probe

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Former President Ford. RIP.

Ethiopian forces are advancing on the Capitol of Somalia. One can only imagine how thrilled the Somalis are, they finally have a peaceful lawful society established after years of being ruled by warlords, and now a foreign army is marching through their country to impose a foreign approved government. A Christian army with the full blessing and support of George Bush I might add. Apparently the creation of bloody failed states is what George does best, got to give the man high marks for being consistent at least.

Even worse, there is still reason to believe Bush is planning military action against Iran, very possibly using nuclear weapons. There has been a reported build up of US naval forces including carriers on the region. The UN sanctions appear to be a thinly veiled pretext for US military action, since they will have zero affect on Iran and were guaranteed to be rejected by same. Why should Iran cease doing something it is perfectly legal to do under international law? Especially considering that the US is pointedly ignoring or actually encouraging Israel and India in their blatant defiance of the same international standards? And then there’s the claim that Iranians are behind the violence in Iraq. Does Bush ever take responsibilities for his failures? He’s a simple man with a simple philosophy I guess: if something good happens he is responsible, if something bad happens, other people are responsible. Again, high marks for consistency here. Nonetheless it is hard to avoid the possibility that this is all prelude to an attack on Iran. This would be a mistake of almost epic proportions, easily dwarfing the catastrophe Bush has created in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My poor brain. In any event I came across an interesting read that touches upon these issues: Rumsfeld and the American way of War. It’s a long read and recommended, but there are two passages in particular that stood out to me:

“Had the U.S. not intervened covertly and overtly after 1947 to undermine countless regimes it thought dangerous, even though most were neutralist, reformist, and legitimate, there would be far fewer extremists today for it to worry about. But that they now pose some sort of fatal danger to the United States is a sheer fantasy that the Bush Administration has concocted to justify a foreign policy the American people now reject.”

Most Americans are painfully ignorant of how many of the world’s problems can be traced wholly or in part to terrible knee-jerk decisions made during the cold war. It appears we are simply applying the same knee-jerk standards now to Islam that we once applied to Communism. Does anyone in Washington understand how complicated the world is? And that it’s vastly easier to destroy a country than create it? The article goes on to discuss how the US military is poorly equipped to deal with the real world:

“As a very recent study for the U.S. Army Strategic Studies Institute concludes, “the United States [is] prepared to fight the most dangerous but least likely threats and unprepared to fight the least dangerous but most likely threats.” The American way of war is technology intensive, firepower focused, logistically superior but politically and culturally ignorant to the point of being pathetic.”

I mean, five years after 9-11, and facing what they claim is a threat to our very existence (snort) we still don’t even have enough Arabic translators? Is Bush even trying to win this war he so proudly wears on his shoulder? And now a hail of missiles and bombs in Iran is going to fix the mess he’s already made of it?

Sigh. In other news former President Ford has died. He had a good run, he was 93 when he passed over. I remember the optimism that infused the country after Nixon resigned. For some months after Ford’s inauguration, a picture of a Model T Ford hung in the local post office where Nixon’s portrait had been. It was a sign of the times, people were just so tired of the seriousness of the Viet Nam war and Nixon’s political shenanigans. I can only hope he’s in a better place.

In some positive news, a French led space mission to search for planets around other stars has successfully taken off. They will be especially be looking for small, possibly Earth like, planets. And if Bush starts a nuclear war, we may need a new planet soon. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the in the final analysis, the French saved our bacon? Would they even invite Americans to a new planet if Bush blows this one up? Granted this isn’t realistic speculation, but there’s a cheesy sci fi movie in here somewhere. Or at least a Simpson’s episode.

(The above image precedes 1923 and is considered public domain under US copyright law. And no, that’s not Mr Ford in the car, but it could be.)


Written by unitedcats

December 27, 2006 at 12:27 pm

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  1. Just stopping by to see how things are in your world.
    I am always impressed at how well informed you seem!
    Maria in the UK

    Maria Toth

    December 28, 2006 at 8:05 am

  2. […] On today’s Off the hour, I got the chance to speak with Doug Stych of Doug’s Darkworld about his thoughts on the war in Iraq and the idea that the US may be planning war with Iran. Listen below: […]

  3. {{Does anyone in Washington understand how complicated the world is?}}

    It is as though we are being led by creatures from an alternate universe. Everyday, the news from Iraq is filled with more death and destruction. Normal people, regardless of political or religious persuasion, watch these events in horror. Meanwhile, our clueless President views the exact same reports and concludes that “we” are winning and that life for the Iraqi people is so much better now than before. (Say what you want about Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Under the old regime, a car bomb going off in the local market would have been considered unusual. Not anymore.)

    When Bush does get good advice from people with diplomatic and military experience, he ignores it. Or perhaps our flatulent Commander in Chief just doesn’t understand it. (See “Animal House in the West Wing” about half way down the page. Link goes to US News & World Report. )

    Heaven help us.


    January 1, 2007 at 3:28 pm

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