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Saddam Promoted to Demi-God, Israel Nukes Iran in Frustration, Jesus Wept

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How the hell did this happen?

I know, I know, another stupid Saddam post, but reading the headlines, my poor little brain is blown. The fallout from Saddam’s keystone cop execution is stunning. Italy has launched an international campaign to ban the death penalty partly because of this. And many people in the Arab world now view him in a much better light. Saddam went to his death with quiet dignity, unlike the hooting thugs who for all practical purposes lynched him. Even Bush’s lapdog Tony Blair is feeling the heat over the botched execution. Saddam as a poster boy for an anti-death penalty campaign, the mind reels.

However, what really gets me is what this says about Bush. The capture of Saddam was the one inarguable bright spot in the invasion of Iraq. The one casus belli that didn’t dissolve like a mirage once the war was “won.” No matter the missing WMDs, no matter the missing connections with Al-Qaeda, by God we took out Saddam! And now, in another stunning moment of incompetence on the part of Bush and his minions, Saddam’s death has been turned on its head and is as much a political victory for Bush’s enemies as it is a triumph of justice. Not to mention it making the situation worse in Iraq, very possibly intentionally on the part of the executioners. Bush has a legendary talent for turning gold into manure, a reverse Midas touch. It’s things like this that make me say the man could mess up a wet dream.

In other senses, no big deal, but I sure am tired of Bush and his crew making mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, 2006 was the worst year yet for US losses in Iraq. Yeah, we’re winning this war. Again, the sick truth is we could still win the war. 500,000 to a 1,000,000 US troops in an aggressive COIN operation might still pacify Iraq. It is possible to defeat an insurgency, the US managed to win the US Civil War for example. It however takes a boots on the ground 24-7 approach. Huge numbers of US soldiers need to not only hunt insurgents, they need to protect the civilian population from the insurgents. Only then will the people of Iraq come over to our side, right now all the US protects is the Green Zone and its own bases, while the Iraqi population is at the mercy of the insurgents.

This would of course entail great sacrifices on the part of America, sacrifices that neither the Repuglicans nor the Demoslimes have the leadership to call for. I really don’t know which party is more despicable at this point, we’ve become a nation of cowards who thinks we can get whatever we want if we just drop enough bombs. That isn’t how World War Two was won and it most certainly isn’t going to be how any fourth generation war will be won. In comic books an American soldier can take on any number of enemy soldiers. In sound military thinking land, aka reality, firepower is no substitute for boots on the ground doing the job that needs to be done. “Firepower can solve all problems” has been fabulous for war profiteers though, that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In another example of “blowing things up will solve complex international problems” there is a report out that Israel intends to use nuclear weapons on Iran. I know this is a difficult concept for a lot of people to grasp, but if Israel is planning on surviving as a nation, it needs to make friends with its neighbours. Threatening to nuke them is not helping. Actually using nuclear weapons to attack Iran would be insanity in every sense of the word. It wouldn’t matter than the nukes were “small,” the so called “bunker buster” bombs. “Israel nukes Iran” would be the headline throughout the Arab and Muslim world. It’s hard to imagine that Israel would destroy whatever chance it still has to make peace with its neighbours in an effort to prevent something that isn’t much of a threat to Israel and very well might not even be happening. However, with a guy in the White House who thinks Israel can do no wrong, anything is possible. I’ll go take a Valium now.

And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and forgat the LORD their God, and served Baalim and the groves. —Judges 3:7

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Written by unitedcats

January 8, 2007 at 8:26 am

Posted in Bush, History, Iran, Iraq, War, WMDs

12 Responses

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  1. I agree, Doug, in that I too am getting disheartened by the lack of backbone in the Iraqi government, and in our own. War is a terrible business, never to be entered into lightly. Once begun it must be fought totally – in order to win the peace your enemies must know that they have been beaten.

    Unfortunately I am neither President nor SecDef, and thus there is little I can do but pull at my hair in frustration.

    I may even stop watching the news for a few days or so, and think about something else for a while. Blegh.


    January 8, 2007 at 2:48 pm

  2. Doug welcome to my side of opinion which were posted just after Saddam Hussein execution which I called political murder.

    The other truth is Iraq violence is so ugly that it is really difficult for me to watch new while eating. There was a footage of US troops in Iraq where two very small children were smiling at them like angels and just looking at their weak bodies and cloths bring tears into my eyes. No I am no coward or female but love children as they are as innocent as angels.

    Regarding increasing number of say 20,000 to 30,000 troops in Iraq will not work because the situation get out of control of US troops because of the puppet Shi’ite Prime Minister wrong policies who is protecting Shia militia and trying to bring peace and stability by hitting on Sunni militias. The majority of the Arab countries rulers are Sunnis who do not want to see another Shi’ite government in the region besides Iran will fund the Sunni Resistance and there is very little hope that situation in Iraq will improve in near future.

    Israel has the strongest support of US Evanglicans who really don’t want peace in Middle East because of their wrong interpretation of Bible. These Evanglicans will encourage Israel to nuke Iran to defeat and kill all evil Muslims for Jesus return.

    PS: I did not have Burmuda trinangle in my mind when advice you to look into earth magnetic force because once remember reading it many other places including China and Russia.

    Quran Bible

    January 8, 2007 at 4:57 pm

  3. BTW Saddam Hussein will be remembered as the greatest Arab leader with this stupid execution. He always wished to go in Arab history and he got his wish with idiots in power in Iraq and USA.

    Quran Bible

    January 8, 2007 at 4:59 pm

  4. Hi Doug!

    Given the history of the middle east, do you think there will ever be the possibility of peace between Israel and her neighbors?

    And QB, do I understand you to say that Arabs are so widely ignorant that they would look at Saddam as a martyr? If so, I can see the problem Israel faces…



    January 8, 2007 at 6:16 pm

  5. Well, Egypt, Jordan, and to a large extent Syria have been at peace with Israel for decades. The only people Israel can’t seem to live in peace with are the millions of Palestinians they have been holding hostage for decades, a situation entirely of Israel’s own making. Or Lebanon, where oddly enough, hardly a day has gone by since the early eighties where Israel wasn’t committing a blatant act of war or provocation. Including such things as invasion and occupation. “Israel is surrounded by enemies who want to drive it into the sea” is simply lies and propaganda, and to a very large extent always was.

    Whether Israel will chose to make friends with its remaining enemies, or continue to exercise its overwhelming military might (not to mention unlimited US support) in its quixotic and ultimately self destructive attempt to ethnically cleanse the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is an open question. I do know that plenty of Palestinians and Israelis are working together to make it happen, the situation is not hopeless.

    As for Saddam being a martyr, that’s now the reality thanks to the botched occupation, trial, and especially the execution. It does no good to call our enemies ignorant when they are being perfectly reasonable from their own perspective.
    JMO -Doug


    January 8, 2007 at 9:12 pm

  6. Hey Doug,

    Will be back to continue discussion, but wanted to drop this link on you. Thought you would find it interesting:


    January 9, 2007 at 7:19 am

  7. Hi Doug, just a few quick points/questions.

    What is your perspective on what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says about Israel on a regular basis? Is his rhetoric true? Justifiable?

    There are two fields of thought about peace and how it is attained. I don’t think that in all cases either of them are wrong–depends on the situation.

    MANY years ago when I went to school we had bullies who liked to dominate other children. I happened to be larger and stronger than most, and I used my superior strength to hold the bullies at bay. I only used that position of superiority if some of my weaker classmates or myself were threatened–brought it to bear against the bullies if they exercised their aggression.

    On the other hand, the weak ones only wanted peace and to be left alone, but no matter what they did, it rarely got through the thick heads (ideology/religion/?) of the bullies, and often intellectually superior weaklings suffered because of their deficiency.

    “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”

    Doug, the reality of this earth for millennia has been that there are bad people and good people. The only way to stop bad people is to help them change them or be stronger than they are. I never lose hope in change, but being an NRA member with a house full of guns, I am prepared for the ones who choose evil and would threaten my existence or my family’s. :) Peace will never be attained through appeasement or violence–only the eradication of evil–and what’s the chance of that ever taking place?

    Also, as far as Saddam’s execution and trial–hasn’t it been our own press who has stoked the conscience and garnered sympathy within fundamentalist Islam? To look at Saddam as anything other than he was, is like white people venerating Hitler–something based in “surreality”, not reality. If QB is right, is the Arab world a mass of figurative skinheads? First we criticize the United States for its involvement in Iraq, then when we allow the Iraqi’s to carry out their own trial and execution we criticize ourselves for not being involved? I personally don’t get it…

    Take care,



    January 9, 2007 at 7:44 am

  8. Jack the truth is that Bush is an idiot who started his war on “terror” with wrong policy of invading Afghanistan and than Iraq. The world was united by condemning 9/11 attacks and their sympathy were with US. Bush if deal the situation intelligently would have finished Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda for ever and Talebans might have handed him to international custody to face trial. Talebans actually were very reasonable in their approach to provide the evidence of Osama Bin Laden involvement in 9/11 which ofcourse was rejected very arrogantly by Bush mafia that they don’t want to compromise US security which I really don’t understand how providing evidence would have compromise the security.

    Bush mafia invaded Afghanistan without looking into the history culture and the tribal way of life of the region which has history of not giving up to occupation no matter how powerful enemy is. They fight against the British imperials without giving up their freedom. They will fight for decades with NATO and US occupation troops and that war is not over yet.

    Saddam Hussein trial was very unfair under illegal US occupation with puppet Iraqi government incharge, who had changed the Judges in the middle of the trial. The Middle East population is not ignorant or in your words “skinheads” they clearly see Saddam Hussein was murdered by the evil crusaders with the help of Shi’ites.

    Doug is right Saddam Hussein already become the martyr and he will gain more popularity among Arabs in future. Gaddafi promise to build Saddam Hussein statue in Libya so I believe US has to invade Libya to destory one more statue of Saddam Hussein.

    Quran Bible

    January 9, 2007 at 9:58 am

  9. Hi QB!

    I guess that was what I was wondering. I did not understand how a people could embrace someone as Saddam as an icon, venerate him in spite of the way he died. I find it hard to believe that the Arab world is so ideologically driven, that just like the skinheads in this country, neo-Nazis in Germany and throughout the world, they would unite under the banner of a man of such character. I know that is what much of the media is saying–maybe even hoping–the left in this country has shown an affinity and love for more than one dictator in the history of this world (Castro, Mussolini, Chavez)–and so maybe they are hoping that the Arab world will adopt Saddam as a patron saint. But me, I have less faith in our faulty media and the far left than I do in the Arab population. That’s the reason I question the assertion that he will rise to the level of sainthood among the Arab states–I personally think the Arabs smarter than that. :)

    As far as President Bush and his policy, I still have little opinion. I have no idea what I would have done in his position post 9/11. Keep in mind that 70% of the population of the United States supported the action taken afterwards along with a super-majority in Congress. If Bush is at fault, I can hardly just blame him. I maintained this same position during President Clinton’s often illegal military action: Support of Yugoslavian terrorists, Kosovo, Iraq, Somalia, etc. QB, I know hindsight for all of us is 20/20, but saying what should have been done is always easier than the decision at the time.

    QB, I also have to take a bit of an exception with the assumption that the duly elected government in Iraq is a puppet. I guess we could assume that, but to do so may be unfair and possibly inaccurate. I know less than most on this, though. :)

    Its interesting that you mention Gaddafi. What, in your opinion, do you think prompted him to disarm?



    January 9, 2007 at 12:10 pm

  10. Lots to agree with.

    One thought I have for bereans in particular.

    I think very few people believe that they are themselves evil. Most people, even those who do bad things, believe that the ends justify the means, which makes them good people doing harsh things, in their own eyes at least.

    Certainly, I assume Bush and Blair think they are right to do what they did, and that the deaths of tens of thousands, in fact almost hundrends of thousands of Iraquis is just – “unfortunate” or “immensely sad” or “not their fault”.

    But if someone were to tell the stories of what whas done and how many were killed, we’d all see clearly just how wicked the actions of these men have been.

    Likewise, I am sure that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, and even the Taliban, believe that they are good men doing harsh things for the right cause.

    Just believing that you are a good person does not make you a good person.

    It seems to me that Bush and Blair are finally beginning to understand jsut how stupid they’ve been, but I doubt they’ll ever undrstand how wicked they have been, because they think that they are good men.

    I find it hard to look at the number of deaths they have caused, and the amount of instability in the world, and the vastly increased danger we are all now in, and think that they are the good guys.

    Doug, it is blogs like yours which save me from despairing entirely of the US.


    Aphra Behn

    January 9, 2007 at 2:44 pm

  11. Hi Aphra!

    I made a comment to this effect on Doug’s most recent post. I didn’t want him to think that I thought it the job of the United States to hunt out the evil-doers in the world and exterminate them. I don’t see killing evil people as being a solution to the problem, I can only say what I would do given the responsibility of caring for those I love. I guess I tend to over simplify–think in terms of what I would do/wouldn’t do in the same circumstances. I have a lovely wife, beautiful daughter and perfect son–anyone who would invade my property and threaten their lives would have to answer to me, and the outcome would be absolute.

    I have heard so much in criticism of the Bush Admin (btw, I did not vote for President Bush–I usually vote Libertarian or Constitution) and so much second guessing when 3/4 of the nation, 99% of the known intelligence, and the blatant violation of multiple U.N. resolutions indicated that Iraq was a problem that the Administration was compelled to deal with. I don’t hear the same criticism of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, President Clinton and his administration, and other Democrats who not only advocated the invasion, but supported it. (I tend to dismiss a lot of the conspiracy theories of the Hollywood variety, ie. Bush escalated the war to boost the economy, it was revenge for his father, it was about oil, etc. etc.–although I don’t say that they aren’t true or may not contain elements of truth–I just don’t know). Much of what we hear or don’t hear is media construction, (how many protests, for example, were launched against the Clinton Administration for his illegal military actions? Who lamented the thousands we killed in Bosnia? Is President Clinton evil? Was he a bad guy?) and there is so much I don’t know (along with everyone else in the United States) that I refuse to be manipulated by the American media into believing something I can’t verify myself. As of today, I am still the only American I know that hasn’t completely formulated an opinion on the Iraq situation (lacking omniscience), so I tend to present one side or the other dependent upon the blog I visit.

    Aphra, getting off on a rabbit trail (the media) I learned to distrust (and heartily!) the American media when I we returned from South Africa. I am one who witnessed apartheid firsthand. When I came back to the United States I saw an article in Time Magazine. The article was typically one-sided, but the thing that blew my mind was a picture that showed a large white man in military dress standing over what appeared to be a scene of extreme violence–the ground littered with black people. The depiction referenced the sectarian violence. What was interesting was that I immediately recognized the scenery. First, the picture wasn’t taken in South Africa at all–it was taken in (then) Rhodesia. Second, it was taken in a park, and third, the people on the ground were taking their post noon nap. The media is full of this, so when I see it moving one direction, I almost instinctively move the other way. Maybe eight out of ten times, my instincts prove correct. Sometimes I am wrong. Either way, I abhor brainwashing from any quarter! (religious, politcal, etc.)

    I understand completely, though, where you come from, and don’t necessarily disagree. Perspective is something we formulate opinions upon based on data available to us. The only thing I ever caution is for one to be careful to weigh all of the evidence when making judgments.

    Kindest regards and thanks for your time,


    P.S. Doug, I got to meet QB by way of this blog–I am going to really enjoy getting to know him further. Hopefully he will contribute toward my continued education, just like you and your blog does.


    January 9, 2007 at 7:57 pm

  12. I think Bush was justified in going to war with Iraq. Now wether he did it for the right reasons or not is, in our region (the middle east), a moot point. Saddam had to go, the Baathist regime had to fall one way or another. Where I think Bush went wrong, and has indeed continue to go wrong, is that he completely misjudged the situation in Iraq. The Bush administrations’ way of thinking went along the lines of “The Iraqi people are unified under the dictator regime of Saddam Hussein and once we take care of him, the Iraqis will live in peace and harmony forever.”

    If they had bothered to consult anyone on the matter or at the very least listened to some of the leaders in our region (like, the Saudi prince for instance) they would have realized that the “underlying” situation in Iraq was, and is, much more complex than anything Bush and Co, could have conceived of.

    I think the war was justified, if impulsive.
    I also think a US withdrawal at this point would be like a child wrecking a room and not being forced to clean it up. The US made this mess, they need to finish the job.. or at the very least they need to restore some sense of order in the country so that the situation does not engulf the entire region with Iran supporting the Shiite militia and the Saudi’s stepping in for the Sunni’s…. I live in Kuwait, which is smack-dab in the middle…. I do not want to see this happen.

    As for Saddam’s ‘heroic’ or ‘dignified’ trip to the gallows… The only thing I heard in Kuwait that was negative on the execution was the fact that the ‘lynchmen’ pulled the rope in the middle of Saddam’s “shahada” which is the saying that a muslim recites before he is about to die. It goes along the lines of “I believe that there is no God, but God and Muhammad is his prophet.” The executioners pulled the rope before he finished his third or fourth Shahada, which is unacceptable in Islam…. That was the only negative thing I heard about it in Kuwait… oh, and the fact that he was executed on the day of Eid Al-Adha, which is, ironically, the festival of the slaughter, which happens every year after haaj in rememberance of Abrahams’ almost-slaughter of his son Isaac. It is expressly forbidden in Islam to execute on a holy day….

    I, personally, don’t care. I don’t buy into the “dying with dignity” bit. The fact that he was composed at the execution and did not respond to the taunts of the crowd means absolutely nothing to me. It does not, in any way, shape or form, human-ize him in my eyes. He was still a monster who killed his own people, oppressed the Iraqis, invaded Kuwait and tortured and killed my countrymen….

    May God give him what he deserves.


    January 10, 2007 at 2:00 am

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