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Does it mean I’m getting better if I can laugh at a botched execution?

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The Maliki government in Iraq managed to botch the execution of Saddam’s half brother, his head was literally torn off during his hanging. They helpfully filmed the whole thing, apparently the production values of the cell phone pics of Saddam’s execution weren’t high enough. My first response upon reading of the decapitation…well, he’s dead, isn’t he? What’s the problem? I mean, this isn’t like a medical operation gone bad, the patient wasn’t expected to survive the procedure.

The problem of course is that perception is everything. The Arab street now has more evidence that these executions are more about revenge than justice. Just what Iraq and the world need now, more Shiite/Sunni conflict. I would speculate that soon there won’t be any people left in Iraq, but unfortunately huge numbers of Iraqis now live in refuge camps. And refuge camps usually have the highest birth rate imaginable, there’s not a whole lot else to do in one. So lots of new Iraqis, and young Iraqis are growing up in a world where violence is normal. Yeah, that’s gonna help.

The USA continues to do everything it can to blame the problems in Iraq on Iran. Yes, the Iranians are going to give their Sunni enemies weapons to use on their Shiite friends. And at the same time provide the USA with a casus belli to attack Iran. Why would Iran help their enemies and give the USA an excuse to attack them? Especially when the insurgents seem to be doing just fine without their help? They wouldn’t, so I can understand why people think Bush is just setting up an excuse to attack Iran. The insurgents are most likely deriving what help they need from their friends in Jordan, not that they need any help. The insurgents are making a billion dollars a year from Iraqi oil, this is easily one of the best funded insurgencies in history. How’s that for bleak irony, the Sunnis are using the oil we thought we were going to steal fair and square to fund attacks on American soldiers. Again, I repeat my call to start naming gas stations after our fallen in Iraq.

Speaking of Iran, there is increasing evidence of internal opposition to President Ahmadinejad’s hard line policies. Hell, the opposition in Iran is more vocal than the so called opposition in the USA. Makes me wonder which is the more democratic country frankly. Americans may have more personal freedoms than almost anyone in the world, but we seem to have almost no say in our nation’s foreign policy. An interesting situation indeed. The conspiracy theory folks think our personal freedoms will be curtailed when the next 9-11 happens, and that millions of American will be going to concentration camps. I hope and pray they are wrong, but I fear for my country if there is another 9-11. Hysterical over reaction seems to be our national policy these days.

Thanks for all the well wishing, my lingering cold/flu/whatever is finally going away. Nasty business, other local folks have had the same problem. A week of bed rest is doing the trick. And a good thing too, I think I’m just a few Star Trek reruns away from permanent brain damage. The temperature outside is going up, our worst cold spell in decades is over, thanks to forty pounds of feline bed warmers I survived that too. :)

(Above image is Copyright © Doug Stych 2007, all rights reserved.)


Written by unitedcats

January 16, 2007 at 10:22 am

Posted in Berkeley, Bush, Iran, Iraq, War

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  1. Doug, did you really copyright that image?

    You know, I happened to watch a bit of the show 24, and wonder if we have another 9/11 if people are going to over-react and commit violent acts against those middle eastern people who are here. I believe after 9/11 there was enough pumped into people by the government and media to quell the hysteria (that along with the shock), but I don’t know how it may play out next time. I pray it doesn’t happen.



    January 16, 2007 at 7:30 pm

  2. Iran’s political life is for sure very vibrant..and while Khamenei is able to veto any candidate, he makes some interesting choices. Khatami — the guy before Ahmadinejad — by all means shouldn’t have made Khamenei’s cut, but he did.

    And the opposition totally makes itself heard.

    And glad to hear the flu is over. I was hit with something a few weeks ago and it took forever to recover. I think when we spoke I still had some of those symptoms, so I feel the frustration that you must be experiencing by now.


    Dmitri Marine

    January 17, 2007 at 12:33 am

  3. I must admit my first thought was “how interesting, the skills of the hangman are getting rarer”.

    It is all about weight and drop. If the rope is too short for the weight then the body does not get enough momentum to for the neck to break, and the victim is choked to death. If the rope is too long for the weight then not only does the neck break but the victim is decapitated. If the rope is long enough, of course, they will hang themselves.

    So of Saddam Hussein’s brother was decapitated, it follows that the hangman did not know his job.

    Which might almost be a good thing.


    Aphra Behn

    January 17, 2007 at 12:36 am

  4. What, you think people aren’t hankering to steal my fine art work? No, I didn’t file for copyright protection, just dotting the I’s so to speak.

    I am still slowly getting better, sigh.

    The information on how long the rope has to be for the weight of the person hanged is available on the Internet, it’s not rocket science. Maybe it was an honest mistake, but that hardly matters.
    JMO —Doug


    January 17, 2007 at 11:38 am

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