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Random thoughts about Iran followed by whatever horrors I see in the news… but no Britney bald pics, I promise

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Who, me?

First, a few random observations about Iran. I noticed that Ahmadinejad offered to quit Uranium enhancement if the USA did likewise. A clever move on his part, the man may not have much experience at international relations but he’s clearly growing into the job. Though he’s got a lot of ground to make up for, generally it’s not a good idea to elect someone to national office who hasn’t had anything more under their belt than being mayor of a city. This offer does put the onus of this impending crisis back on the USA, basically where it belongs. Most people on the planet, especially in the middle east, are far more worried about Bush, despite what is said on Fox news. Iran hasn’t attacked another country since the 19th century, Bush, well, I haven’t even read the headlines yet.

Another thought. Bush said that a large “Iranian” attack on American forces in Iraq would trigger a USA attack on Iran. This may not have been the most politic thing for him to admit. I can think of any number of people who would “benefit” from the USA attacking Iran, and now they have incentive to trigger or fake just such an event. Al Qaeda for one. Elements in Israel for another. And frankly there have to be insurgent groups in Iraq who would benefit from Iran joining the war. So Bush either didn’t think this one through, or he’s going to attack Iran no matter what and this is just another justification being tossed out.

And speaking of attacking Iran no matter what, it’s been suggested that Iran will suspend Uranium enrichment at the very last second when an attack appears imminent. That way either the attack gets called off, or the USA really looks bad for carrying out the attack anyhow. And sadly, more than one war got started because the people in charge decided “Well, it’s too late to call off the attack now” through just sheer inertia. Sigh, scary times.

OK, on to today’s headlines…

Blair has announced a partial timetable for Britain to withdraw from Iraq. Can’t blame the man, he is under a lot of pressure at home and his time in office is growing short. This gives his party a much better shot at winning the next election. And it’s not like they are cutting and running, though I’m sure a lot of right wing pundits in the USA will portray it as that. I see Denmark is also pulling out of Iraq. And Rice has publicly denied that the coalition is crumbling, which pretty much proves that is exactly what is happening.

In Somalia, Bush’s plan to destroy a stable Islamic Somalia from emerging is bearing bloody fruit nicely. Note how the western media portrays the “installed by foreign invaders” regime as “the government” while the Islamic Courts, the purely Somalian indigenous force who brought peace to Somalia for the first time in nearly two decades are “the insurgents.” I can hardly even blog about Somalia it’s so sad, sixteen years of violence had ended, and Bush couldn’t wait to mess things up again cause he didn’t approve of the Islamic Courts. An American politician takes a dollar from a foreigner and Americans go ballistic, but we routinely and blatantly interfere in other nation’s internal politics. Jesus wept.

The media maintains this fiction almost everywhere, the UN approved “governments” around the world are presented as legitimate. This is called colonialism, and the sooner the people in the west understand that self determination means that people on the planet get to choose their own governments, the sooner we can all work things out and live together. I’m not saying there may not be exceptions or any bleeding heart liberal “we can all live in peace and harmony” nonsense, I’m saying that imposing democracy from outside on a nation is just as foolish and counterproductive as imposing Christianity, Communism, Islam, or any other ideology. In fact, left to their own devices, most nations do evolve toward democracy, as even a cursory study of post world war two history shows.

And in local weirdness, a man came home from a two week vacation and discovered a body in his apartment. Yuck. Speculation is that the body was that of the man who had been charged with feeding the cat for those two weeks. I have carefully perused the news, and sad though this story may be, I am happy to report that the cat is fine and is not considered a suspect at this time.

(The above image is from Photos from Black Cat Kizzy and is used in accordance with their guidelines. The cat in the apartment story above was a white and orange tabby, but alas I could not find a picture of him/her on line. Yet again the main stream media fails us.)


Written by unitedcats

February 21, 2007 at 11:07 am

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  1. {{Note how the western media portrays the “installed by foreign invaders” regime as “the government” while the Islamic Courts, the purely Somalian indigenous force who brought peace to Somalia for the first time in nearly two decades are “the insurgents.”}}

    They’ve been carefully taught. We don’t have official government censorship. The media do very well at “policing” themselves, though.


    February 21, 2007 at 10:09 pm

  2. i giggled at the last paragraph! lovely way to end the post .. I propose that each post end with a short paragraph of cat news :D

    God help us all if Bush decides to nuke Iran… I think the whole region would pretty much go to shit after that….


    February 22, 2007 at 9:36 am

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