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Dick Cheney’s Cat

Here it is, amazing photographic proof of the Satanic connection to the Bush administration: Dick Cheney’s cat. Of course the mainstream media is completely ignoring this story, including the fact that our reputable sources also place this cat near the Twin Towers on 911, among many other highly suspicious coincidences. Muahaha. Sometimes I think I should just become a conspiracy blogger, those folks will believe almost anything. If anyone gets an email warning that the new US coins contain RFID chips so that the government can keep track of where our nickels and quarters are being used, I am the proud author of that delicious rumour. And no, once again, I am not responsible for damage to your laptop by the impact of your jaw or forehead, put a pillow on your keyboard when reading this blog for God’s sake.

Moving right along, I thought I would digress on some comments I made yesterday. I know I am sometimes a little harsh on supporters of the war in Iraq. However, let’s look at this. Before the invasion the pro-war crowd promised a short war, costing about $50 billion dollars, minimal loss of life…and that the invaders would be greeted as liberators and democracy would be inspired throughout the region. People like me who suggested that this was a wildly optimistic prediction and that the war could easily turn into a bloody mess were given zero credence, if not actually ridiculed. Despite the fact that at least I was willing to admit the war might turn out OK, I mean gee, in real life I’m always in favour of happy endings, who isn’t?

However, here we are nearly four years later, the war has been the most expensive in American history with no end in sight, the worst humanitarian crisis in the middle east since 1948 has engulfed Iraq…and most of the goddamn pro-war crowd is still sticking to their guns like this was just some minor glitch and a few hundred billion more dollars and a few thousand more GIs in body bags will patch it all up. Give me a fucking break. How badly off-track does the war in Iraq have to go before the pro-war crowd, especially the pathetic jerks in Congress, have to go before they can admit that things are screwed up? Some are even calling for the war to be expanded to Iran, Syria, and Lebanon…as if the last four years in Iraq hadn’t even happened.

So the pro-war crowd is going to have to excuse me if I’m a little annoyed that they won’t take the slightest responsibility for, or even acknowledge in any way in some cases, that their glorious little war has turned into anything but. On the other hand, there appear to be powerful psychological and historical reasons why Empires get so catastrophically out of touch with reality, and furiously engage in wars that can only hasten their demise. That post will be coming out this weekend, hopefully the pro-war folks can at least read it with an open mind. If someone is brave enough to advocate war as a foreign policy, surely they are brave enough to read a page of text with an open mind?

OK, today’s news, and frankly it’s not such great news for the Empire:

Iraqi collapse? American commanders admit the USA faces a Vietnam-style collapse. Well, d’oh. At least in Vietnam we were able to grasp that things weren’t going so great and we increased our efforts by sending more troops, etc. In Iraq, all Bush has done for four years is fiddle louder while our increasingly outnumbered troops grow ever more fatigued and their equipment grows ever more dilapidated. My God, at this point we’ll be lucky if all that happens is a Vietnam-style collapse. Time to wake up people!

So Much For Talks. Bush has done what sadly I expected he would do, attached so many conditions for talks with Iran and Syria this month, that the talks are guaranteed to fail. I know that a five year old can understand this, but apparently many Americans can’t: When the USA says to our enemies that we will talk to them after they meet our demands, it isn’t diplomacy. It’s this kind of thing that makes me wonder if Bush wants the mission in Iraq to fail, because this attitude guarantees that our enemies will keep doing exactly as they are doing. How, exactly, is that supposed to help?

Stock Markets Continue Slide. It’s not a crash, yet. Still, worrisome. If it keeps up, it will be a crash, and it will have a nasty effect on other sectors of the world’s economy. Small investors with widely diversified portfolios should just grit their teeth and hang on, maybe even trying to position themselves to buy if promising stocks get way undervalued. Small investors with undiversified portfolios should sell their stocks now and put the money in the bank, because frankly they are not smart enough to be in the stock market in the first place.

Disappeared? There are indications that the USA may have “disappeared” some 38 prisoners in the CIA’s secret prison and rendition program. All I can say, is Dear God I hope this isn’t true. Murdering our suspected enemies makes us the bad guys. What’s even worse, we’re doing it in secret. Get a clue America, if it’s such a good and just thing, it wouldn’t need to be done in secret. And by the way, can we talk about emboldening the enemy here?

Oh well, the bad news is starting to get to me. My apologies to any readers I have offended, anyone who is actually reading this blog fits my definition of reasonably sane and open-minded, even if they vehemently disagree with me. My vituperative comments are intended for public figures. If us little guys turn on each other over our differences, our enemies win. None of us wants that now, do we?


(The above copyrighted image, Meowzbow Hates, is used with the kind permission of the photographer, whose name cannot be revealed at this time. And no, it’s not really Dick Cheney’s cat, so there is no need to alert the Secret Service. Meowzbow’s image may be freely copied and used in any way that might advance his acting career.)


Written by unitedcats

March 1, 2007 at 10:53 am

4 Responses

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  1. Good for you that cats don’t file defamation suit. If I were a cat, and you associated me with Cheney, you know…

    Manas Shaikh

    March 2, 2007 at 10:05 pm

  2. That’s why I was careful to only use Meowzbow’s image with the permission of his agent! hehe


    March 2, 2007 at 10:34 pm

  3. :)
    Unitedcats, let me enlist to the cats-club, as the king of the house is one of them.
    Fun and interesting post. I don’t know if you have read “The Fist of God”, by Forsythe.
    He quotes a “secret memo” during the negotiations with Saddam. It was something like: “We must always ask for conditions Saddam could not possibly accept. Convince our allies that we are trying to find a diplomatic solution, but do all that is possible to avoid one”.
    I don’t know if this was in the “fiction” or “realistic” part of the book, but we witnessed it almost with our own eyes.
    Thank you for you visit and previous comment!
    Meaooo :)


    March 3, 2007 at 7:50 am

  4. […] made to feed Dick Cheney’s cat a live puppy this past weekend. We’ve blogged about the Vice President’s evil cat before, this new development illustrates once again the depths to which the Bush Administration […]

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