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From the back of the bus to today’s news

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Progress in Iraq.

I love it when I get a seat in the back of the bus. Usually I walk the three or four miles to work, but today I had to get there early to let a dog out. Anyhow, we have these new fangled buses that have seats in every possible configuration, if a three legged dwarf got on the bus I’m sure he would be able to find a comfortable seat. So near the back of the bus there are a couple of seats that face backwards. And if no one is sitting at the very back of the bus, I can sit down and have a beautiful panoramic view of where the bus has been, like a windshield in reverse. So I got to ride to work today with a neat view of the world from a perspective one can’t see while driving or walking. What a great way to start the day.

I was going to blog about cats today but I guess the headlines really do need to be reviewed. I mean, if world war three starts in the next week, our lives are going to be severely disrupted, possibly even including interruptions in this blog. The price of gas is already over three bucks a gallon, thank goodness my laptop doesn’t run on it.

Starting off with the unfortunate British sailor situation. Nothing new, both sides are being jerks. The Iranians continue are presumably demonstrating that they won’t be pushed around by international bullies and getting Iranians to rally round the flag. They certainly could have picked a better way to do so. The British continue to lie and pretend that their sailors were in Iraqi waters. Once again, things like borders and governments do get their legitimacy because some European power says they are legitimate. Until a sovereign Iran and Iraq sign a treaty delineating the disputed border, it’s a disputed border and the British KNEW DAMN WELL they were playing with fire by patrolling disputed waters.

Russia is claiming that they are detecting signs of US preparations for an attack on Iran, possibly as soon as this Sunday. If true, yikes. Does make one wonder what their motivation is. Are they trying to establish credibility for themselves? Scare off the Americans from attacking? Both? Damned if I know.

Iraq is easy. Violence continues unabated, the Americans continue to claim that “progress” is being made. Such has it been for four years, such will it remain until everyone in Iraq is dead or has fled the country…or Congress grows a spine and puts an end to this nonsense. Things could also get much much worse, but planning for unpleasant possibilities simply is not the American way. No, Americans always assume that things will go their way because God smile on America, and when things don’t, Americans are really good at blaming each other rather than actually analyze what mistakes were made. We used to be a “can do” country, now were a “can blame” country. Damned shame really.

Fighting in Somalia is reaching new heights. Thank God, the Somalis almost had a stable peaceful unified Somali government established, Dear God if the west had let that go on too long other countries might decide they can run themselves without a foreign imposed western style government. So everyone can relax, the American sponsored invaders are doing a bang up job of restoring Somalia to a land of endless violence.

Let’s see, Israel has offered peace talks if Arab nations, especially Syria, make all sorts of concessions and basically do what Israel tells them to do. Since no one in their right mind is going to agree to talks under those conditions, this is obviously another set up by the people running Israel so they can claim that the Arabs “don’t want peace,” thus justifying further Israeli violence. No word yet of course on when Israel is going to agree to the two conditions set out by the Arab League since 1948 that are required for them to recognize Israel. Yes, they want Israel to delineate its borders, and you know, actually claim what Israel looks like on a map. What, you didn’t know that Israel is the only country on the planet without borders? And they would like Israel to agree in principle to a two state solution. Obviously these demands are so utterly unreasonable that the western media never even bothers to mention them. (Insert rolled eyes here.)

Violence continues in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and a whole bunch of other places…yada yada yada. On the domestic front people continue to annoy me by comparing Bush to Hitler. Give me a break. Hitler was genuinely popular for one thing, he assumed dictatorial powers with over 80% of the vote. And Hitler was a genuine war hero for another, he spent World War One in the trenches, not guarding a Beer Hall in Munich. And Hitler did not tolerate dissent, people were killed who dared criticize him. So that fact that you are reading this blog, proves that Bush is no Hitler!

(The above image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. Its not being used for profit and is central to illustrating the post. I’m guessing it’s an AP image.)


Written by unitedcats

April 2, 2007 at 10:09 am

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