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British “hostages” sell their stories and other signs of the End Times

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They didn’t mention this in the cruise brochure…

I see that the British sailors briefly held by Iran were so traumatized by their ordeal that they are falling over themselves selling their stories to the media. Normally soldiers aren’t allowed to do this, however the British military authorities made an exception in this case. While I don’t actually blame the sailors, I wonder if this will backfire on the British government. It seems obvious to me that they allowed this to get out the story as much as possible to generate anti-Iranian sentiment. I think it’s equally likely that this will soften the impact of their story. And of course it plays right into the hands of Britain’s foreign enemies, I’m sure the Iranians will have a field day with this news.

I came across an article about Bush’s threat that our enemies would attack us in the USA if we stopped fighting them in Iraq. Granted I think Bush’s proclivity for threatening terrible consequences if he doesn’t get his way reminds me of a four year old holding his breath to get his way. Nonetheless for people who are open to a more reasoned look at this latest comic book threat from the White House, check out “Is there any truth to ‘the enemy would follow us here?’” Short answer, no, not really.

Speaking of nonsense from the Bush regime, a new report is out detailing how the Pentagon was basically unable to find any evidence of contact or cooperation between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. While it is not completely out of the question that two bitter enemies might cooperate, there never was any evidence for it. More importantly, there was no known reason for it, such contact would have benefited Al Qaeda with no benefits and significant downsides for Iraq. Why would Saddam help his sworn enemies at significant risk to himself? At best the purported Saddam/Al-Qaeda link was neocon propaganda to justify the invasion of Iraq. At worst another example of neocons substituting their fantasies for reality and acting upon them. I would blog upon this at length, but it’s old hat. Saddam is history, and the people who still believe in this purported link aren’t going to be persuaded by any evidence.

Divers are searching for the two people still missing after a cruise ship sank near Greece. Now it’s sad that two folks drowned, but something 1000 plus people were safely evacuated, so this a good story. I just mention it because of the location where it sank. See the cliff in the above photo? The various layers visible are layers of sh and lava. Yes, this ship is actually inside the crater of an active volcano. Well, the caldera actually, which is a honking big crater. The location the ship is was solid land until the volcano erupted in about 1500 BC in the second greatest volcanic eruption in recorded history. In fact, it has been suggested that the eruption of Thera was the inspiration for Plato’s story about Atlantis. If your ship is going to sink, couldn’t sink in a place with more history.
Rumours of imminent USA attack on Iran have so far not materialized. I even saw a breathless report that a false flag nuclear attack was going to hit an American city this weekend, justifying an American nuclear attack on Iran and Syria. Yikes. While I still think a US attack on Iran is possible, I guess I’ve been expecting it too long to get excited about each new rumour of war on the horizon. In fact at this point I even have some optimism that since an attack hasn’t happened yet, saner heads have prevailed.

What does this all have to do with the End Times? Hostages getting rich on their captivity, rumours of nuclear war, a ship sinks in Atlantis…isn’t it obvious? There’s even an End Times movie hitting the theatres this weekend. Why take chances, I’m nailing my shoes to the floor.

Joking aside, God Bless everyone and may peace prevail on Earth this Easter.

(The above AP photo is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It is not being used for profit, it is central to illustrating the post, and it is an historically important image.)


Written by unitedcats

April 8, 2007 at 6:06 am

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