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It only took two days for Bush to do something I HAD to blog about, plus Congress launches another Al Qaeda recruiting drive

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Phew, these don’t count. Credit: AFB

So much for my break from Bush and his crusade against reality and common sense. Just when one thinks that there simply is no further down the path of insanity and weirdness that his administration can take, they pull a rabbit out of their hat. Yes, dear readers, the Bush administration has announced another “mission accomplished” moment. They have announced that the surge has worked, civilian casualties are down since the surge began! Woohoo! Of course, there’s one little codicil to this wonderful news. It doesn’t include car bombs!

What planet are these people on? Claiming that casualties are down but excluding a major category of casualties to get that result is beyond bizarre. My brain, formerly boggled, is now twitching uncontrollably. It may indeed be seriously bruised. What’s next? Dead bodies with power drill wounds will be re-classified as industrial accidents? IED deaths will be re-classified as traffic accidents? Hell, with a bit of creativity the death toll can be reduced to zero, we can declare victory (again,) and our troops can come home! Could this be some diabolically clever plan to get our troops out of Iraq and save face at the same time?

Don’t bet on it. Sadly this is the same old same old. The Bush administration has always simply redefined terms to get the result they wanted, when you’re the leader of the most powerful empire the world has ever seen you can just wave your wand and presto chango it’s all coming up roses again. That’s apparently what Bush thinks, and I think we can safely say that’s what he will think right up to the day the UN tanks are rolling up to his bunker. (Even if they are metaphorical tanks.) Bush is no Hitler in most senses of the word, but he does share the man’s almost uncanny ability to deny reality no matter what the evidence.

And just to balance the books so to speak, the Democrats pulled their own reality bending move themselves. They passed a bill that sets a deadline for pulling troops out of Iraq. This is called “CYA.” The measure means nothing since Bush can do what he pleases in regards to keeping the troops in Iraq. It’s just political posturing of the ugliest kind. That is what Congress does best, and in times like these they are rising to new heights of absurdity. And the Republicans for their part accused the Dems of selling out to Al Qaeda.

Hasn’t anyone noticed that when the most powerful country the world has ever seen bases it’s national priorities on a tiny gang of criminals, they are giving these criminals undreamed of legitimacy? For all practical purposes every time a leading American politician mentions Al Qaeda, they recruit them 100 new members. In fact one can make a good case that almost everything we have done since 911 has helped Al Qaeda grow and prosper. I guess there’s another good comparison to Hitler here, during World War Two it was said that Hitler was our greatest ally, since his incredibly stupid orders considerably shortened the war. Are Bush and Congress Al Qaeda’s greatest supporters? Sure looks like it sometimes.

(The above image of a car bomb aftermath in Baghdad is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright. It is not being used for profit and is central to illustrating the post.)


Written by unitedcats

April 27, 2007 at 8:13 am

Posted in Bush, Iraq, Politics, Propaganda, War

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  1. What should be done to win this already lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Bush escalation is not working no matter how they spin the situation, Democrats pullout sure will provide more courage and recruitment for Al Qaeda because they will be quick to declare victory defeating the super power of the world with the help of God.

    The violence in Baghdad has gone down slightly with Iraqi resistance moving to different parts of the country where there is significant rise in killings including the the rising number of US troops.

    Bush “war on terror” is an never ending war. I just wish they did not started this stupid war.

    Quran Bible

    April 28, 2007 at 11:57 am

  2. Hi Doug,

    We had talked earlier about soldiers, and their minds. Have you ever visited:

    Interesting site.



    April 28, 2007 at 9:33 pm

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