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“I drive in circles, I drive up and down.”

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The John C. Stennis (CVN 74), Nimitz (CVN 68), and USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) and their escort ships. Credit: US Navy (and your tax dollars)

Almost every day their are multiple stories in the news that inspire blogs. The last few days was bad in that way, I started several blogs and got blogged down. After several false starts, I’m taking the bull by the horns so to speak. I’ll just write a paragraph or two about each story that I find of interest and resist the urge to wander off in philosophical and historical tangents. I’ll try and resist at least.

First off, it is reported that Bush authorized covert actions to destabilize the Iranian government. I can’t see any good in this. Damned shame he has people leaking stuff like this, but I’ve noticed that the people who are the most insistent in unwavering loyalty in their minions…have the least loyal minions. I can’t see it making the Iranians any more cooperative, and like we really need a less stable Iran? Bush is zero for two in his attempts convert Islam nations to secular western democracies, but obviously hasn’t given up on the idea. At least it’s not an attack, but I can’t see this news being anything but good news for Iran.

Casualties continue to mount in Iraq. In fact, we are now approaching casualty rates that approximate Vietnam. How’s that for a benchmark? It took a few years in Vietnam as well for the death to reach this level, will be interesting to see if the increasing losses put any teeth in the anti war movement. I’m not holding my breath, there’s no draft to rally opposition round. There’s a little heralded second surge in the works as well, not going to hold my breath on that one either.

More fighting in Lebanon. Not a good thing. It appears to be linked to militants from Iraq and Al-Qaeda, which is no surprise. Those of us who predicted that invading Iraq would make things worse and cause more terrorism are sadly being vindicated every day, this is just more of the same. Hopefully Lebanon won’t slip further into disarray, Hezbollah has come out in support of the government which will definitely help keep a lid on things. This was all started by a heavy handed attempt to arrest some Islamists suspected in the assassination of a Lebanese minister. Yet Israel continues to assassinate and detain Palestinian leaders at will, and no one gets arrested. Ya wonder why some of these people hate us, that’s a good place to start.

The Democrats gave up trying to set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq and settled for pork instead. They first tried to get like 21 billion, Bush said that was excessive, so they settled on only 17 billion dollars worth of pork. Democracy in action,we elect people to end a war, and they use it as an excuse to reward their corporate sponsors. At least it’s peanuts compared to what Bush’s foreign adventures are costing us, but still, the Dems could at least try harder to look like they are doing what they were elected to do. I mean, this is embarrassing.

And in our picture above, a US Navy task force sails into the Persian Gulf in what can only be described as a move designed to threaten Iran. Iran has continued to enrich Uranium for its nuclear program despite being told not to by the UN. Why they would ignore the UN and continue to do what they are legally entitled to do under international law isn’t hard to figure out. In fact this whole fiasco just makes the UN look even more toothless and even more a simple tool of western interests. Which of course is what the UN is at this point. Most people don’t respond to threats, nor do most nations. Hopefully Iran has judged the west right and calling our bluff won’t lead to anything worse, but time will tell.

Aren’t you all glad this wasn’t another global warming post? As a bonus, I decided not to review Al Gore’s latest book. It’s about the lack of critical thinking and reason in the USA. So I don’t need to read it, I’m already quite aware of the problem, thank you. Fifty years of increasingly scientific and effective advertising has turned American’s brains into mush. Half the country doesn’t believe in evolution for God’s sake, Satan must be laughing all the way to the bank. Oh well. The post title above is a quote from an old friend of mine when asked how his day was, he drove a lot. He also had a second fill point installed on his car for coffee. It was the eighties, what can I say.

(The above image is public domain under US copyright law.)


Written by unitedcats

May 24, 2007 at 10:45 am

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  1. I will say just few words about Hizbollah supporting Lebanon government in recent violence.
    Hizbollah involvement will create more hatred among Sunni Muslims and Christians. The chances are that Hizbollah involvement will escalate the violence which will break another bloody civil war in Lebanon and this time chances are Sunni Muslims and Christians might unite against Hizbollah to break their influence and power.
    This is my very initial obersation and analysis and Syria is blamed for this present violence by US is wrong because they are very close ties with Hizbolah and the other reason is that they don’t want to see Sunni Muslims gaining power in Lebanon because it will create enormous problems for minority Syrian Shiite government.

    Quran Bible

    May 24, 2007 at 11:07 am

  2. The “UN” LOL

    It is a fitting name.. like:


    and so on..

    Its the new UN :)


    May 24, 2007 at 11:40 am

  3. […] I Drive in Circles, Up and Down […]

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